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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

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Yes, I did it!

Talk about Personal Growth

One of my biggest challengers in this life is the simple task of asking for help. I struggled at the mere thought of asking for the slightest bit of assistance. I remember getting a flat tyre on the side of a very steep hill and when someone stopped to ask if they could help me I nearly bit the poor mans ear off.

Hhmmph … Like I needed help … no way, I’ve got this

Independence was my rock, what I could rely even if things didn’t seem right as long as I didn’t have to ask for help I was comfortable. But this wasn’t such a good thing for me when I took it to extreme. I was pregnant with my third baby in just over two years and I had packed the other two children into the car ready to take them to Playgroup. I was the president of the club so I always arrived early to set up but before I could go I needed to go to the toilet. To my horror I had started bleeding and still had a few months to go before the birth was due.

I’ve got this or so I thought.

I put on a few pads to catch the blood and headed back to the car but something didn’t feel right. Could I really go to a session with a dozen or more little ones and their parents in this state? If I didn’t go wouldn’t I be letting them down I was after all the president? What about my kids they loved going there and playing, creating and just having fun, I couldn’t disappoint them. It will be fine, be positive my thoughts told me heart.

You’ve got this but did I?

The blood had seeped through the pad before I got to the car and I raced back for another. No this wasn’t good and all this walking probably isn’t helping. First of all I needed to get the kids to a safe place then I could get myself to the doctors, so I drove them to a neighbour’s place. I has to asked her to take the kids to Playgroup for me and I knew what asking her meant. It meant I had to tell her what was going on. I nearly got away with it, then she asked why.

What was I thinking I didn’t have this.

If I hadn’t of asked for her help I’m not sure what would have happened. We lived nearly an hour out of town and if I drove myself all the way …  Who knows but what I do know is that I am glad I asked for help because she laid me down and took over the situation. Thankfully my little girl was fine and this month she is getting married so I have learnt to ask for help but I must admit I don’t do a very good job of it.

However this time I stepped out of my comfort zone and didn’t ask a friend or someone close for help I asked complete strangers on Facebook. I am so pleased that I did that because now I have met new friends and the Personal Growth Expo can go ahead with a dedicated team.                    Thank you Ladies for your support.

We’ve got this

The Personal Growth Expo will bring together all the elements you need in your business Wealth, physical Health and inner Stealth. Sunday November 12th 2017  Gold Coast

The Personal Growth Expo

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Come and join us at the First Ever, Gold Coast

Personal Growth EXPO

Personal growth and well developed intuition are key to being successful in business. Unlock the door to your Health, Wealth and Wisdom

Get your head right

Get your body right

Get your business right


The Personal Growth EXPO has been designed to assist you in developing your business smarts, your body confidence and your emotional vibe, by bringing together the experts in these fields.

Personalgrowthexpologowith centrePNG Date
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For the first time on the Gold Coast

You can expect:

  • Over 60 different business partners
  • Three separate speaking areas
  • Professional speakers & presenters
  • Opportunities to brainstorm
  • Free informational workshops
  • A show bag full of fun and value
  • Fantastic food stalls and more
  • Great conversations

Learn how to achieve harmony in your Business Wealth, Physical Health and Inner Stealth

Personal Growth EXPO 

Sunday 12th November 2017 – 9am to 5pm

Albert Waterways Community Centre, Broadbeach


  **CALL NOW**

Susan 0438 111 174

 If you’re interested in becoming a Business Partner (Stall Holder) go to the website or send us an email

What is Personal Growth?

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Here at the Personal Growth Expo we believe that Personal Growth is not some far off distance goal that continually haunts you to chase after it in an ever expanding capacity to grow and learn. We believe Personal Growth is exactly what it says it is. It is personal and it is about growing as an individual.

Growing personally is not the same for everyone and we all have a different reasons, life experiences and beliefs that lead us to grow differently or accordingly. There is no right or wrong we just need to continue to grow because if you are not growing you could be withering away.

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Personal growth is knowing that you are what you are and that it is perfect for where you are now and for what you are doing. However as things change and develop you must grow and expand with the changes. The plants live the cycles of the seasons they are constantly changing, blossoming and growing. When the environment changes they adapt to those changes or they experience the consequences but not all can change in time.

Health, Wealth & Stealth

At the Personal Growth Expo we bring together the three elements of change that can make a huge difference to you, your business and those close at hand. Health, Wealth and Stealth at the Expo represent your physical health, your business/personal wealth and your inner stealth or mind set.

As a physical human being you require your physical health to be at its optimum in order to achieve what you truly desire. If you don’t have your health the rest of your life will be struggling to maintain any order due to being constantly interrupted through ill health. At the Personal Growth Expo you will be able to talk to the experts on all things physical to achieve the personal growth you want in order to create a happy and fulfilling life you rightly deserve.

The Wealth side of the expo has all your business and personal financial needs met. Relax and talk to those who know how to structure your finances to give you the peace of mind you want for your future. Allow yourself the possibilities to dream big and follow through on those dreams with the help of the wealth experts at the Personal Growth Expo. Here you will also find the skills you may want to achieve your financial goals.

Our favorite section is the Stealth area of the expo. This is about getting your mind in the right frame to achieve everything your heart desires. Whether this about your relationships with others or the lack of them, finding your life purpose or discovering what your passion is all about. Living the life of your dreams is all in your inner stealth and wisdom and can be achieved at the Personal Growth Expo.

At the Personal Growth Expo we create that intimate space under one roof where you can confidently talk or listen to people who can help you personally grow in the direction you want. Pick and choose the growth you want in the area you want to go and know there is always the support in the other sections that can assist you with your development.

With over 50 stalls, discount bags and three separate speaking areas you will find the personal growth you want to help you to your next level in Health, Wealth or Stealth.

12th November 2017             9am – 5pm

Albert Waterways Community Centre

Broadbeach. QLD

Personal Growth Expo 12th November 2017

New Date 12th November 2017

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Personalgrowthexpologowith centrePNG Date
Personal Growth Expo 12th November 2017

The Personal Growth Expo wants to bring to you the best and most exciting format for growth that you have ever seen. Therefore we have postponed it to later in the year to a time more suitable for maximum impact.

Places are filling up so don’t miss your chance to showcase your business and help the public see the importance of growing their business wealth, their physical health and their inner stealth for increased enjoyment in life.

The Personal Growth Expo 12th November 2017

Albert Park Waterways, Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Lynne Cutler – Psychic Healer

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Aura and Chakra Photos with Psychic Readings

Lynne Cutler is a well known Psychic and Healer who is helping you with your energy and what you are attracting into your life. Your Aura and Chakras tell you the energy you are emitting and therefore what you are attracting into your world.

Lynne is currently writing a book about her psychic experiences and how they have changed her life for the better.

Get your Aura Photo done with Lynne in the STEALTH section of the Personal Growth Expo and discover what you need to change in order to achieve your hearts desire.

Date has been Postponed to the 12th November 2017

Come and say hi to Lynne and ask her about the meditation groups she holds and the Psychic workshops she is putting together.

Shari Ware is SWARE by Fitness

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Here is a personal trainer that has been there – done that and knows what it really feels like to have your life in the palm of your hands and determine if you are going to live or not.


Shari has lost over 100 kg

And she doesn’t want to find them again which is why she is the ultimate personal trainer. She is the go to person for those who want to loose 20 kg plus because she is the expert in weight loss.

Train with someone who has walked the walk and really knows what it is like. Come and talk to Shari at the Personal Growth Expo 12th November 2017 at the Albert Waterways Community Centre and get your health back on track.

The Personal Growth Expo has been postponed to 12th November 2017


Elements Chiropractic

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Dr Lyndall Sundberg is:


Dr. Lyndall Sundberg is a leading chiropractor on a new form of spinal work that uses a softer technique than what the traditional chiropractors use.

This fascinating technique leaves one feeling relaxed, in flow  and ready to face the challenges that life throws at us. She is conveniently located just off the M1 Highway at Nerang. Suite 4  39-41 Nerang Street Nerang and you can book an appointment on 5596 6888.

Postponed to 12th November 2017

Dr Lyndall will tell you all about it below.


Welcome to the Personal Growth Expo Dr. Lyndall Sundberg from Elements Chiropractic.